Max Neuhaus's Times Square is serious business

I have visited New York City regularly since I was a child and I've put in my time with that broad and blunt piece of driftwood some ravenous cabal carved into a big, stupid raft and called it Times Square. Although my recent visits usually involve seeing whether there's deals on musicals at TKTS, this time I went to find Max Neuhaus's piece Times Square

It is excellent and deserves various accolades. 

An audio sculpture of severe and weird beauty (which is really much more fun to visit and vibrate with than that phrase might make it sound), it's as if an adventurous cleric had found a way to make a small pinprick into the heavens, which turn out to have been underneath us all of this time, a once esoteric belief now unexpectedly important for everyone to understand. 

It's probably the most visited artwork in the world, though almost all of those visits are unintentional. And bravo to that, because you have to deal with it whether or not you experience it consciously. I stood looking for it for a couple of minutes until I realized I was in it.