Obliquely Strategic Cooking

Obliquely Strategic Cooking was an iOS app that emerged out of an evening spent in Xplane's Visual Thinking School. The class theme was "Rapid Ideation" and we used mobile applications as a practice tool. While I don't think any of the instructors thought an app would actually emerge from that rainy Thursday evening, Obliquely Strategic Cooking turned out to be a sticky, unusual idea, and I enlisted the help of the brilliant Moishe Lettvin to bring it to life.  

The iTunes Store description read: 

Obliquely Strategic Cooking is the Joy of Cooking with ... Rube Goldberg.

Part inspirational tool, part absurdist art, part unreliable diary, part speculative rune, and part valuable meal planner, Obliquely Strategic Cooking motivates you to put down your iPhone and start cooking something (or at least think about what you might cook next time you start cooking something or may suggest to someone you know next time the subject arises).

In Have you considered, you will engage with essential challenges (literally or hermeneutically, as you wish) to inspire you and help you figure out what to cook for friends, family, lovers, or strangers. Developed for those who enjoy building something out of nothing, Have you considered substitutes the constriction of the recipe for a sea of flow.

In Great Meals of History, you will pull inspiration from some of the greatest meals of the last four hundred years, some of which may have happened. Connecting perception and experience to explore the role and vitality of personal histories in gastronomy, Great Meals of History pushes you toward building new memories."

Mobile app development, even (especially?) for apps that don't "do" anything, is a giant, soul-sucking pain in the ass, but I was delighted to work with Moishe to pay loving tribute to Brian Eno's mad genius and bring something this strange into the world. 

Obliquely Strategic Cooking was available in the iTunes Store from 2013 to 2017. Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies is available in their store

I hope one day to re-develop into a physical book.